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Supply chain management strives for an integrated, multidisciplinary, multimethod approach. You are welcome to take advantage of all in one place.

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Businesses can move goods from the point of manufacture to their customers with ease that is where Reliance Freight stands to support.

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Wide range of domestic haulage services to provide best in class on time delivery country-wide.

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When you have a skilled freight management partner combining traditional modes of transport in order to offer a timely and cost-effective shipping alternative, you have Reliance Freight brand of Personal Service. We work closely with your business experts to get a thorough understanding of your supply chain requirements. By aligning our flexible Sea/Air Freight product with your precise needs for time, space, frequency and cost, we implement solutions that deliver meaningful results.


Our standard Air Freight products and their customizable options bring added flexibility to your supply chain. Whether we're taking extra measures for your sensitive cargo or giving you added supply chain visibility through our online tracking tools, Reliance Freight Air Freight experts are looking to build your trust as they look after your cargo.


When you have Ocean Freight professionals matching frequent sailings and flexible service options to your specific business objectives, you have Reliance Freight brand of Personal Service. Our freight management experts partner with you to learn your business first-hand.


We at Reliance Freight offer variety of services which span accross different feature of the import and export clearance process.


Secure and trusted hauler to take your consignment where it needs to be at the right time.


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Our Sales & Marketing team at all times ready to work for you with outstanding & Comparative Freight/Services.

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We have 500+ agencies covering the world to support your valuable shipments.


Reliance Freight Services

Since establishment in 2005, Reliance Freight Services has been recognized as one of the most successful, independent freight forwarding, removal / relocation and project logistics companies in the region.

Reliance Freight provides one-stop-solution to meet all of your logistics requirements. Whether you are looking to relocate household goods across the region or move an offshore drilling platform across the seas, Reliance Freight has the level of service, expertise and experience to make it happen. You will get personalized service at every level with Reliance Freight because we are truly independent, make our own decisions and specialize in our home market.

Supported by our associates worldwide, Reliance Freight employs a team of professionals that follows up and follows through on each and every transaction we manage. With our Global Service Network, we aim to be the most reliable Freight Forwarding, Removals and Relocation and Project Logistics Management Company in the market with an inspired, people-driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers.

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